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Acunto Napoli’s ovens,
masters of the tradition.

We will reveal you how our wood-fired ovens
ensure a cooking faithful
to the principles of the tradition.

The experience of four generations,
passed from hand to hand.

It’s since 1892 that we are dealing with. The original method for the handmade construction of Vincenzo Acunto has been passed down so far and entrusted to Gianni and to his sons.

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Every oven is a unique piece.

There is only one way to build this type of oven: by hand. The attention to the smallest detail and the choice of the
right materials enables a robust solidity and perfect thermal insulation.

Discover our hovens.

The pizza of Naples, anywhere.

The Acunto Napoli’s ovens are available everywhere. From Japan to America, we are able to design,
build and ship models according to the need of each customer, respecting the highest safety standards.

Suitable for every needs.

As craftsmen we have learned to adapt to all the needs and to satisfy every request. From the traditional wood-burning
to the gas ones, from the weight to the size: choose the model that better suits to you.


The original wood-fired kilns for revive in a complete way the Neapolitan tradition. To achieve the best performance of the flame is better to use beech wood for the ignition and oak wood to maintain the temperature.


For locals who can’t use the wood we designed ovens running on gas. A solution that greatly simplifies the temperature management, without altering the quality and the taste of the pizza.

Our models.

You can choose between ovens of classic or circular form, usually used in American restaurants. Both versions have a thermal insulation and consumption of equal size, the choice is dictated only by aesthetic preference.

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The difference is in the detail.

Our products are synonym of quality, so we have paid attention to all its parts. Every single functional detail makes the Acunto’s ovens excess of the standards.
Discover them closely.

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We use components CE marked and our ovens are certified to UL guarantee of safety for the American market. Acunto Napoli is also enrolled in the Official Supplier of the “Vera Pizza Napoletana“, proof of reliability and tradition.

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Benvenuti in Forni Gianni Acunto dove storia, tradizione e passione si fondono e divengono la base della nostra azienda: le vite di tre generazioni della Famiglia Acunto sono state dedicate alla produzione di forni a legna professionali, oggi conosciuti ed esportati in tutto il mondo.
La nostra passione e l’estremo rispetto per la cultura napoletana della pizza è il pilastro su cui si basa l’innovazione nel nostro lavoro: la progettazione e la costruzione dei nostri forni ambisce a migliorarne costantemente ogni aspetto, con l’obiettivo di esaltare la qualità ed il sapore del più noto prodotto della tradizione partenopea.
Ogni singolo forno è progettato singolarmente e costruito a mano, con i migliori materiali volti a garantire stabilità, solidità e perfetto isolamento termico, nel rispetto dei più alti standard di sicurezza.
Il nostro obiettivo è soddisfare le esigenze del cliente, mettendo a disposizione la nostra professionalità, esperienza e passione. Progettiamo ed esportiamo i nostri forni in ogni parte del mondo, dall’America al Giappone, creando ogni volta un modello unico, perfettamente in linea con le esigenze del singolo cliente.