Acunto Napoli’s ovens
masters of the tradition

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We will reveal you as our wood-burning ovens
guarantee a faithful cooking
to the principles of tradition.

Angolare Oven

Circolare Oven

Vesuvio Oven

The experience of four generations,
passed from hand to hand.

It’s since  1892 that we are dealing with. The original method for the handmade construction of Vincenzo Acunto è stato
has been passed down so far and entrusted to Gianni and to his sons.


The original wood-fired kilns for revive in a complete way the Neapolitan tradition. To achieve the best performance of the flame is better to use beech wood for the ignition and oak wood to maintain the temperature.


For locals who can’t use the wood we designed ovens running on gas. A solution that greatly simplifies the temperature management, without altering the quality and the taste of the pizza.


We use components CE marked and our ovens are certified to UL guarantee of safety for the American market. Acunto Napoli is also enrolled in the Official Supplier of the “Vera Pizza Napoletana“, proof of reliability and tradition.

Every oven is a unique piece.

There is only one way to build this type of oven: by hand. The attention to the smallest detail and the choice of the
right materials enables a robust solidity and perfect thermal insulation.

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The pizza of Naples, anywhere.

The Acunto Napoli’s ovens are available everywhere. From Japan to America, we are able to design,
build and ship models according to the need of each customer, respecting the highest safety standards.


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Welcome to Forni Gianni Acunto where history, tradition and passion come together and become the basis of our company: the lives of three generations of the Acunto family have been dedicated to the production of professional wood-fired ovens, now known and exported all over the world.
Our passion and extreme respect for the Neapolitan pizza culture is the pillar on which innovation in our work is based: the design and construction of our ovens aims to constantly improve every aspect, with the aim of enhancing the quality and flavor of the best known product of the Neapolitan tradition.

Each single oven is individually designed and built by hand, with the best materials aimed at guaranteeing stability, solidity and perfect thermal insulation, in compliance with the highest safety standards.
Our goal is to satisfy the customer’s needs, making available our professionalism, experience and passion. We design and export our ovens all over the world, from America to Japan, each time creating a unique model, perfectly in line with the needs of the individual customer.