Acunto Forni | Napoli

The Ovens

Acunto ovens are entirely handmade, with top quality materials and according to a tradition that we have been handing down since 1892.

Our ovens are accessible everywhere, in every part of the world!

Depending on the customer's needs, our experts will be able to design and build unique, aesthetically different ovens to adapt perfectly to the environment in which they will be installed, safe, robust and functional. It is possible to choose between the traditional wood-burning ovens, which with the use of beech wood for lighting and oak wood to stabilize the temperature,

 they will be able to return a pizza with an intense and unique flavor, such as can only be tasted in Naples.

Where it is difficult or impossible to use wood, gas-operated models are also available, a solution which considerably simplifies temperature management and which is able to maintain the taste and quality of the pizza unaltered.

Do not hesitate to contact us for more information on our ovens.

Trust our experts to design the most suitable oven to meet your needs.