Acunto Forni | Napoli

The Story

Since 1892 the Acunto family has been dedicated to the production of professional wood-burning ovens.

A unique artisan method, handed down from generation to generation, has come down to today and still works in the design of our ovens, unique, aesthetically versatile but perfect in terms of stability, strength and thermal insulation.

The tradition of Vincenzo Acunto, the first founder and progenitor of the family, in the hand construction of each single oven, has not been badly betrayed by subsequent generations.

It is for this reason that Gianni Acunto and his sons have worked constantly to keep the quality of the product and the original processing phases intact.

Today our wood or gas ovens are appreciated and in demand all over the world.

Each Acunto oven is a unique piece, because it is individually designed, built entirely by hand and made to adapt perfectly to the needs of the individual customer, while
respecting the directives of our century-old family tradition.