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Oven artisan or prefabricated? If you are deciding which oven is the most functional for your company, but you are not sure whether to opt for a standard oven already pre-built or have it built tailored to your needs by a master craftsman, Gianni Acunto Forni dispels any doubt reporting all the differences between an artisan and prefabricated oven.

The differences between an artisan oven and a prefabricated one

The differences between an artisan oven and a prefabricated one are both structural and of rendering final, thus bringing a different use of the 2: the furnaces crafted usually have a structure in brick and are elements that are part of history, the also testify the findings <strong archaeological sites of Pompeii and those of many other sites in our peninsula.

The principle for the cooking of food has remained unchanged for millennia, albeit with improvements relating to the quality of the materials, which make the masonry oven a structure in step with the times and certainly more efficient in terms of ability to warm up and retain the heat.

The advantage of this type of wood-burning oven, in addition to its indisputable beauty, is the possibility of having a truly custom-made oven built; it is also easy to maintain as the bricks can be replaced individually in the event of deterioration, unlike a prefabricated wood oven.

The prefabricated oven is a practical choice suitable for those who have a predefined space in which to install the oven. Ideal for those who want to bypass the tradition of the wood-burning brick oven to be built and prefer comfort with an eye to saving.

Craft or industry?

So why choose one over the other? The discussion is broader and more complex. To understand it, it would be necessary to compare the different worlds of craftsmanship and of industry, a war that has been going on for centuries: the first seems to be an almost abandoned concept, little understood as it takes more and more foot, in the age of technology, the standardization of industrial products and inevitably the homologation of quality. The differences in the 2 sectors are multiple and increasingly evident:

  • The use of machinery, with which in craftsmanship man is the craftsman and architect, while in industry the the man becomes supervisor of the manufacturing process;
  • For the quality, the value of the artisan product is undisputed, unique and perfect even with its defects which appear as value added and symbol of the singularity of the piece, thus guaranteeing craftsmanship, while in the industrial product a defect represents the waste of the piece , not equaling the others from the factory.
  • The value economic of the product which is increased in the artisan sector and less in the industrial one. Generally the value of a artisan product is higher as the entire manufacturing process is followed by one or a few people for each piece. On the other hand, the value of an industrial product is lower because costs are reduced by the use of machines and the standardization of production.

Therefore, only a choice between exclusivity and practicality can result. The work of <a href="" target="_blank" rel="noopener" fits right between craftsmanship and industry >Gianni Acunto Forni. The goal of the company is to make the 2 sectors combinable by advancing in the field of productivity company without bring down the quality of the product artisan. A product, therefore, made to measure that has an performance incomparable both in terms of cooking, because a normal oven would have longer heating times than a prefabricated oven; both in terms of customization.

Indeed, a Gianni Acunto oven has all the peculiarities for personalization with logo, materials, paints, etc., the soul of the product made on measurement, but each of these ovens also presents a processing with design, production and shipping entirely assisted by high technology technology, exactly like a perfect industrial system.

This is why it boasts the title of Ambassador of tradition at a local and global level, it is the 'innovation that bears the brand of Official Suppliers of the "Verace Pizza Napoletana" a> as proof of reliability and tradition, managing to be the first to offer a product outside the common and taking the concept of craftsmanship to another level.