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What does tradition mean? Tradition is: identity, the combination of gestures and actions of ancestors which over time have become habits for children, grandchildren and generations . The company Gianni Acunto Forni transmits in its work the love for tradition and that is what makes it a guarantee of quality.

Tradition: what is it?

It is inherent in its root the meaning of “deliver” “transmit“, in fact, tradition is something that it is handed down from father to son, whether they are values, habits, idioms or trades, tradition is a heritage precious. Today we tend to forget such an apparently ancient abstract concept, especially for the younger ones who tend to give more weight to their way of life, confining it to a démodé idea of ​​belonging practiced only by the elderly.

marco tradizione

The Neapolitan tradition: there is no "yesterday and today"

In Naples tradition assumes a high value. We all love to bring in habits and values ​​handed down to us by our parents and grandparents, yet we relegate everything to memories that we then pass on, or try to pass on, to our children and grandchildren. For  Naples , tradition assumes a concept of identity personal, it is an integral part of the social fabric strong>. It does not represent mere knowledge of the customs of one's grandparents. Here, it is not relegated to the memory of the older ones, rather it is relived with intense participation and enthusiasm by the young.

Each event is not considered a pure tourist attraction, nor a folkloristic event, but represents a meeting point between generations who rediscover and relive pages of history from the oldest to the most recent. A continuous study of one's roots and in those to recognize oneself.

A constant, therefore, in the life of every individual. This is why making them live and remain indelible in the mind of a young person so that he can prolong this identity is essential.

Common places in the Neapolitan tradition

The symbols that reconnect the mind to the colorful and unique city of Naples are many and famous worldwide: the pizza is just one example, certainly the most famous, which not only identifies Naples, but also Italy. The typical expressions of Neapolitan folklore, however, recognized and widespread among the most traditional symbols of the scenario collective are infinite: from the mask of Pulcinella to Miracle of San Gennaro, from the dance popular of the Tarantella to the Smorfia Napoletana with the interpretation of dreams and more.

The tradition, in its mere abstraction, identifies concretely, therefore, Naples and the Neapolitan strong>. It is no coincidence that the so-called "clichés": the song, Vesuvius, the pizza, the mandolin, the sun and the sea are all children of the same mother, an education complete with expressions artistic, cultural and geographical of a territory kissed by the goddess Partenope >.

When you have such a large heritage to carry on with pride, it is difficult to leave it behind. That is why there is a common commitment to safeguarding it as it is right for each individual to do.

Tradition becomes innovation

The tradition in the Gianni Acunto company finds a perfect union with the new technology . This is why it boasts the title of Ambassador of tradition at a local and global level, it is the innovation that bears the Official Suppliers of the " Verace Pizza Napoletana" brand as proof of reliability and tradition, being the first to offer a product outside the >common thanks to the commitment and passion that the entire staff employs every day.

After all, craftsmanship is just this: tradition that blends with imagination, creativity and innovation. It would certainly be more difficult if today there weren't the intervention of divine technology for the realization of some products.